Friday, 12 July 2013

Technologies / protocols

Agile Communication Environment – Integrates Unified Communications capabilities and business applications and processes. AUDIX – Voice messaging platforms Avaya Aura – A suite of products and services targeting real-time multimedia enterprise communications Avaya one-X – Web-based Unified Communications Digital Communications Protocol (DCP) – A proprietary protocol for Definity and CM systems Auto Detection Auto Configuration – A networking protocol which automatically configure Avaya switches to support and prioritize traffic for IP phones. When ADAC is enabled and an IP phone is connected to the switch, the switch automatically configures the VLAN, port, and QoS settings. This protocol can be configured globally or on a port, and can be used with IEEE 802.1AB/LLDP or by itself for auto discovering the phones, setting VLAN PVID, Layer 2 and Layer 3 QoS values. An unlimited number of phones on a port can be supported. Auto Unit Replacement – Allows the maintainer to hot swap (replace) any switch (including the master) in the stack without powering down the stack or rebooting the stack. The new unconfigured switch will be integrated into the stack and be reconfigured to match the removed switch. Avaya Energy Saver (AES) – Automatically reduces the power consumption of ethernet equipment without impacting the flow of traffic. Flexible Advanced Stacking Technology (FAST) Stacking – A switch-stacking technology that allows up to eight Avaya ERS series switches to operate as a single switch. All switches in the stack share configuration files, if one switch fails the remaining switches continue to function and wrap the traffic around the failed unit. It allows up to eight switches to operate and be managed as a single device. The stacking performance can scale up to 1.1 Tbit/s. Discovery Protocol Multi-link trunking (MLT) Distributed Multi-Link Trunking Split multi-link trunking (SMLT) Distributed Split Multi-Link Trunking R-SMLT or Routed-SMLT InterSwitch Trunk (IST) Simple Loop Prevention Protocol Provider Backbone Transport (PBT) Provider Backbone Bridges (PBB) or IEEE 802.1ah-2008 UNIStim VLACP – Virtual Link Aggregation Control Protocol

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